Summer Reading Lists 2024

June 2024

Dear Parents,

Summer is an ideal time for children to do some reading. Please find attached a list of book recommendations for the different age groups.

Encouraging a reading habit in the early years is a life-long gift.  Fostering this habit is one of the most effective ways for parents to support their child’s academic progress.

Sometimes children find it difficult to finish a book. Therefore, I have included some books on each list for these readers, indicated with an asterisk*.   The language has been simplified but the subject matter should still engage the child. Log onto this website and you can listen to some sample first chapters and this in turn might enthuse the young reader to borrow the book from the library and continue reading independently.

Children’s Books Ireland have the following recommendations for parents

  • Choose reading time wisely
  • Always be patient
  • Change up the genre
  • Always make sure joy and fun are part of the reading

Happy reading and enjoy the summer.  


Breda Dunleavy
Literacy co-ordinator

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