Healthy Eating

Have at look at our Let’s Eat the Rainbow video for Be Well Week 2023.

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  Fewer Headaches  

Increased Energy Levels
Clearer skin  

Fewer tummy aches
Longer periods of concentration and better performance in school  

Reduced cravings for sugary food


Have a glass of water when you wake up each morning  

If you are feeling sleepy mid-morning or mid-afternoon have a glass of water  

Sip on water throughout the day  

Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating each meal  

Try adding lemon or orange slices for natural flavour  

If you can get a 600ml water bottle, aim to drink a little over a litre per day so try and have one finished by after lunch  

Eat hydrating foods like cucumber, celery, strawberries, and watermelon

Easy Tips to Improve your Nutrition

Put a plate of cut up raw vegetables (carrots, pepper, cucumber, sugar snaps…) on the table before dinner for everyone to nibble on.  This way you get half your veggies in before dinner is even served! 

Eat healthy fats, fish like salmon and mackerel (in a pate).  Avocados (in smoothies), pumpkin and sunflower seeds (in a healthy homemade granola bar).  Use olive oil or coconut oil when cooking.

Choose full fat dairy products, a better way to absorb all the vitamins and minerals in milk.

Eat all types and colours of berries which are especially high in nutrients.

Eat whole-wheat bread and if possible, eat sourdough, spelt flours.   When eating pasta and rice eat whole-wheat pasta and brown rice.

Your body can’t store water so very important to stay hydrated, a filter jug in the fridge is best.  Often feelings of tiredness and headaches are because our bodies are thirsty.

Easy Tips to Support your Immunity

Snack on vegetables – carrot sticks, celery sticks, red & yellow peppers, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, black & green olives.  All the different rainbow colours represent different nutrients that support the immune system.

After chopping garlic and onion which are also amazing health foods, leave them stand for 10/ 15 minutes before using, activating an important enzyme called Allicin (white substance) which is anti-bacterial and anti-viral

Try to eat lots of pumpkin seeds, these are naturally high in zinc and magnesium which are very important for immune health

If you’re feeling under the weather make a hot drink with; hot water, lemon, grated fresh ginger and teaspoons of local honey (bin the Lemsips!)

Sleep is when your body quietens allowing your immune system go into stimulation mode.  This is why people naturally get sleepy when they begin to feel unwell, this is your body telling you to quieten down to allow your immune system figure things out.

Plenty of daylight and movement has been shown to improve your immune system by increasing the activity of ‘Natural Killer’ cells, these are the immune cells that fight infection.

Easy Tips to Improve your Sleep

Embrace morning light, sunlight tells your brain to wake up so spend at least 20 minutes outside (without sunglasses) every morning. The right type of light at the right time of day has amazing effects on sleep.
In the evening time, darkness tells your brain to prepare for a good night’s sleep. A sleep hormone called Melatonin is produced and triggers many restorative events in the body. Think about what you might be doing to tell your brain to wake up in the evening – turning on bright lights, watching screens that emit light…

Before bedtime read next to a dim light/ if using a kindle ensure the ‘blue shade’ is turned on.

No caffeine after noon

Keep your room cool, snuggle into your duvet if you’re feeling chilly
Magnesium is nature’s tranquilliser, eat foods rich in Magnesium e.g. full fat milk, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds. Have a Magnesium bath or foot soak (Epsom salts are €4 in a chemist/ health store).

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