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Summer Reading Lists for 1st Class to 6th Class

Suggested Daily Schedule for St. Patrick’s

General Resources for all classes:
A wide variety of weblinks, games and videos for the Irish Curriculum

Cula 4: Educational section of TG4 with cartoons, games and animations.

English – IXL: makes the world of words come alive with fun visuals and interactive questions.

Large variety of topics on all subjects for all classes.

Maths – IXL: questions, engaging topics and real-world scenarios.

Maths – activities, games and problems

Maths: graded activities and videos

A wealth of information and activities about Ireland

National Geographic Kids

Nasa resource for children to learn about science and space.

Popular educational resource covering a wide range of core topics taught in Ireland.
Currently one month free membership ( code: IRLTWINKLHELPS)

Scratch: Learn to programme interactive games, stories and animations.

Art: 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours