Student Council Elections

Student Council 

Student Council 2017-2018

Earlier this year the girls of 4th 5th and 6th had the chance of putting their names forward to become a member of the student council. Girls who wanted to be on the student council were provided with a nomination form. This nomination form had to be signed by five people in total, your mum and dad, two other pupils in the candidates’ class and the principal Mr O’ Doherty. Each candidate started to make posters and worked very hard. One thing every candidate had to do was prepare a speech.

The polling station was in the PE hall. As each class came down to the polling station they were given their ballot paper which was stamped by the clerk, while their names were crossed of on a different page. In the privacy of the booth was where the students voted. We all had a wonderful day and we waited anxiously to find out who the lucky eighteen people would be! A few days later Mr O’ Doherty announced the members of the 2017 student council. Those people were given badges so they could be recognised as student council members!

Before midterm, the sixth class girls attended a training day with Student Council members from other Loreto schools. We had our own training day for all girls here in St. Patrick’s in November. Shortly afterwards we held our first official meeting. We are very excited about planning events for this school year.

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