Third Class

In Ms. Flack’s 3rd Class we investigated trees. We were looking around trees for leaves and helicopters. We found lots of helicopters and we found plenty of mud!

We saw that the bark is black and white and that one of the trees was shaped like a ‘y.’ We examined the leaves also. We learned that the trees change throughout the year. The bark is rough and wrinkly. There are roots under the tree.

We wrote about trees in our copy . It was called ‘My Tree Diary’. We wrote all about what we learned about trees.


In Maths, we have been doing lots of measuring. We were measuring the length of the corridor. We used a metre stick that we made in class. We also measured the window sill with a metre stick. It was really fun!


Ms. Flack’s class also wrote winter poems. Ours was called ‘Winter Wonderland.’ It was a rhyming poem. The poem was in the shape of a snowman. We stuck it onto a piece of card and coloured the card.

Sophie B


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