On 26th October 2011, St. Patrick’s once again bid a very fond farewell to another esteemed member of staff, Mrs. Mary Nolan. A concert to mark this was organised with all classes from 1st to 6th participating along with a select few Irish dancers. To highlight Mary’s own love of music and her huge contribution to the school over the years in this area, it was only fitting that the girls would sing her off in style! Performances included 1st Classes singing ‘Voice of an Angel’, 4th Classes’ rendition of one of Mary’s favourites ‘Do-Re-Mi’ and a selection of National Children’s Choir songs from the 150 strong 5th and 6th Class choir.

We wish Mrs. Nolan every health and happiness in her retirement.



On the 24th September 2010, St. Patrick’s bid a very fond farewell to two esteemed members of staff, Mrs. Kay McDonogh and our Deputy Principal Mrs. Roseanne Buckley. The day was one of celebration with the whole school participating in surprise concerts arranged for Mrs. Buckley and Mrs. McDonogh. Performances included the 5th Classes reciting poetry, a group from 4th class Irish dancing, an emotive performance from the ‘Von Trapp’ children and the 6th and 4th classes singing some of Mrs. Buckley’s and Mrs. McDonogh’s school favourites! Compilations of stories, poems and pictures the children had created were presented to Mrs. McDonogh and Mrs. Buckley as a memento.

The Infant classes also participated by singing a selection of class songs and presented Mrs. Buckley and Mrs. McDonogh with beautifully created cards and drawings.
We wish Mrs. Buckley and Mrs. McDonogh every health and happiness for the future.
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