Healthy Habits Week

Healthy Habits Week

We recently had a healthy habits week. We all did different activities each day. On Monday we did a lunch box survey to see how much trash we bring in each day. We also sent home a survey to look at how we could improve our energy use at home. It is important to have a well fitted lagging jacket in the hot press and good insulation in the attic as this stops energy escaping.

On Tuesday we had a “Trash Free Day” and most classes recorded a big reduction in the amount of waste in the lunch boxes. Ms Farrelly and Mrs Cunnane’s class collected the results and did block graphs for each class to show the reduction from Monday to Tuesday. We should try to bring in as little trash as possible every day.

On Wednesday we had a recycled art day where classes used old cereal boxes, toilet roll, scraps of material and other items for their art. There were some fantastic works of art created.

On Thursday the girls and boys brought in old books that they had already read and swapped them for other books with the girls in their class. We even did this in the staff room.

On Fruit Friday the classes made smoothies, fruit salad and tried new fruits that we had never tasted before. Some girls even brought in fruit kebabs! We also made footprints with ideas for ways we can save energy. These include never leaving the tv or DVD player on stand-by, always plugging out your mobile phone charger, closing the door when you leave a room to keep the heat in and many more. These footprints are now hanging up all over the school. Try to read them as you are walking around.

We got small thermometers and measured the temperature in the classrooms every morning and every afternoon. We noticed the classrooms got much warmer in the afternoons so we have to remember to turn the radiators off. About 20 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for a room. What temperature are the rooms in your house? Could you turn down the thermostat a little to save energy?

We should try to make a big effort all year round to save energy at home and in school and to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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