First Class

This term first class will be publishing their first anthologies of poetry and are they are likely to be best sellers! We have been working on writing poetry a lot this year and we have grown to love poetry.


We have written acrostic poems, scary poems, funny poems, poems that rhyme and many that don’t rhyme. We have written happy poems and sad poems. We have put all of these poems together in our very own illustrated poetry books.


We are entering our poetry books into the Write a book competition from which we will all receive a certificate. Our poetry books will be displayed at the award ceremony with the work of many other young poets and authors from other schools.


Some of our poems were anonymous if we forget to write our names on them! But we like the word anonymous as it adds a touch of mystery to our work! We are proud of our work as our teachers are of us. Many of us have dedicated our poetry books to our families with thanks for all you do for us.


I used to need somebody to sit and read to me

I’d look at all the pages and listen carefully

But now that I’m in first class

I’m filling up a shelf

With book and poems and many things

That I can read myself.




While we have been listening to the work of many poets this year we would particularly recommend looking in the library for the work of Michael Rosen.

He is an English poet who has written some hilarious poems for children.

Our favourite is “The Car Trip” which we asked Miss Ryan and Mrs Nolan to read again and again! You may be able to find it in a library or bookshop near you. Here is a snippet from the poem.


The Car Trip by Michael Rosen


Mum says:

“Right, you two,

this is a very long car journey.

I want you two to be good.

I’m driving and I can’t drive properly

if you two are going mad in the back.

Do you understand?”

So we say,

“Ok Mum, Ok. Don’t Worry.”

and off we go.


And we start The Moaning:……”



In October 2011, we took part in an art exhibition in our school. We painted beautiful pictures of flowers. Here are some of us with our pictures that were later displayed in the exhibition.



In December 2011, we in 1st Class, were very busy making Christmas decorations. We each made our very own Christmas cracker and Christmas candle card. Don’t you think they are great?! Here are some of us posing in front of our Christmas display.



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