Fifth Class

Our Visit to The Young Scientist Exhibition

On January 12th all three fifth classes went to the Young Scientist Exhibition. It was a very interesting and enjoyable trip.

The Secondary school projects were excellent. My favourite project was about ‘Do red heads feel more pain?’ There were two girls telling my group about it. They said that they got a person with red hair, a person with brown hair and a person with blonde hair, and lightly stuck pins half way in the girl’s arm and the boy’ s arm. It turned out that the red heads felt more pain and that years and years ago when a red head had died the Greeks thought they were vampires.

Then we saw another project about pigs and the question was ‘Are pigs good mothers?’ The answer was no because they will get in a fight with their piglets and try to suck as much blood out as possible. Then they will squash them.

Our group went to a show called Robot Wars. It was real life and people made robots. Then the robots came out into a plastic arena and we all chanted the countdown to fight.

I had a great day. I would love to go back to the Young Scientist Exhibition and be in it. Good luck to everybody next year.

                                                              By Georgia Egleston

                                                                   Rang a Cúig



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