Class Resources – Junior Infants

15th – 26th June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have come to the end of Junior Infants and we cannot believe it! Despite everything, the year has flown by and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. It has been our pleasure to have been your child’s Junior Infant teacher. We only wish we got to spend more time in school with them.

Below is our final pack of work for the children (15th -26th June 2020). Again, lots of resources will be found here,

We have also come to the end of the alphabet! Therefore, we have no new letters to learn this fortnight!

However, in preparation for Senior Infants, it is important that the children know
• All our letter names, sounds and some words that begin with that sound
• All 20 Tricky words
Make sure to revise all 5 Word boxes too, even if your child isn’t blending yet. It’s good for them to practise saying three/four sounds together.

While the children deserve a complete break from school work, we would suggest you do some handwriting at some stage over the holidays using plain paper/whiteboard so that they don’t forget their cursive letter formation completely. Please encourage the children to form their letters the way we have taught them using the rhymes provided.

We know it’s been hard going, but the holidays are not so far away! Please try to keep up the momentum with your children as they have been doing really well this far. We really enjoy seeing photos of the children showing off all their work.

Make sure you check out our Padlet for our ‘Virtual Junior Infants Sports Day’ where you may see one or two people you know trying out the suggested challenges!!! We hope as many of you as possible will take part. Please email us some photos/videos of you tackling some of our challenges!

Again, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us and we will do our best to help.

The Junior Infant Team
Ms. O’Hare, Ms. Mahon, Ms. Power, Ms. Leahy, Ms. Ní Riain, Ms. Shannon

Here are some websites for Junior Infants:

YouTube will have the Jolly Phonics rhymes and nursery rhymes on it.
Spotify has all the Jolly Phonics songs. 
CJFallon: This may also be a nice website for the children. It’s a different phonics programme to the one we follow and the handwriting is different. However, there are plenty of other activities they could try out. Just look at the first box (A) and then click on the sounds that we have covered.

– Starfall (click kindergarten/pre-k button). The ‘abc’s’, ‘cat’ and ‘learn to read’ buttons are most suited to Junior Infants. In ‘learn to read’ play the games an, at, en, et, ig, ip, ot, og, and short vowel ug.
YouTube – gohairy youtube channel has lots of literacy work.

– IXL Maths Junior Infants lots of maths games.

GoNoodle for movement breaks.