Class Resources – Junior Infants

30th March – 3rd April

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Junior Infant team have put together the following pack of work for this coming week (30th March – 3rd April). We also have a general pack of work that includes activities that you can use to supplement what we have in this document. If we remain closed after the Easter holidays, we will continue to provide your children with work at that stage.

We would like to remind you that you are under no obligation to complete this work. We are fully aware that many of you are working from home and it may not be possible to dedicate a lot of time to your child’s school work. We will not be looking for this work when we get back to school. However, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t provide you with some suggestions. Junior Infant children, by their very nature, require adult supervision/help when working, so feel free to spend whatever time you can on helping them to complete some/all of it. We would be delighted to see whatever your child does do through our school email accounts which Mr O’Doherty sent you last week.

Letter sounds, tricky words and word boxes do need to be revised daily which is what you would normally be doing with your child as their everyday homework. We will be adding a new letter for as long as school closures continue and we will provide new word boxes too.

There is a lot of information out there at the moment and we are fully aware of how overwhelming it can all be. We are not expecting you to teach your children, but below are the kinds of things we would be doing if we were in school.

We have tried to make this pack as user friendly as possible. If you have any queries please email us and we will do our best to help.

The Junior Infant Team

Here are some websites for Junior Infants:

YouTube will have the Jolly Phonics rhymes and nursery rhymes on it.
Spotify has all the Jolly Phonics songs. 
CJFallon: This may also be a nice website for the children. It’s a different phonics programme to the one we follow and the handwriting is different. However, there are plenty of other activities they could try out. Just look at the first box (A) and then click on the sounds that we have covered.

– Starfall (click kindergarten/pre-k button). The ‘abc’s’, ‘cat’ and ‘learn to read’ buttons are most suited to Junior Infants. In ‘learn to read’ play the games an, at, en, et, ig, ip, ot, og, and short vowel ug.
YouTube – gohairy youtube channel has lots of literacy work.

– IXL Maths Junior Infants lots of maths games.

GoNoodle for movement breaks.

Home Activities for Junior Infants:

Bake a cakePlay I spySort your toys by sizeMake up a quizPaint something  
Pair your socksSing the alphabet songMake up a new game. Use your imaginationTake a gonoodle break ( counting groups of objects  
Roll two dice and add the numbers togetherInvestigate if your toys float or sink.Do a jigsawPlay snap or another card gameGo on a shape hunt! Find circles, squares, triangles and rectangles
Help make lunch/dinnerMake some patternsSpend time outside Build something!Design a new cover for your favourite book 
Write a shopping listPlay board gamesSort your toys by colourRead a book everydayDraw your favourite animal 
Make some junk artFind something longer/shorter than you/your arm/your legPlay with water – how many cups does it take to fill the pot?Do some colouringClean your bedroom
Play with some playdohMake your bedPlant some seedsMake your own bookPlay with money  
Do some rainbow writing of your tricky wordsPlay in the gardenFold your clothesPractise writing the names of your family members Build a fort
Sort the saucepans by sizePractise zipping up your coatDraw a picture of your favourite tv showHave a youtube free daySet the table for lunch/dinner