Class Resources – 5th Class

15th – 26th June 2020

Hi girls, 

This is your last Padlet of work for the year (15th-26th of June, 2020).  

We are really enjoying our Zoom calls with you all! We’re so sad that this is how our year together is ending. We loved being your 5th Class teachers and we really wish we got to finish our year together. 

We are only an email away during summer if anyone wants to ask a question or if you are feeling worried about anything. We are really looking forward to seeing you all when we are back in school.

Again, the work here is a menu. We don’t want anyone feeling overwhelmed. Please email us with any questions or queries you may have.

Ms. Catterson, Mrs. Dunne & Ms. Soraghan.

General Websites
Maths: (5th class Maths skills) (tables/ mental Maths practice) (time practice) (measures practice) (fractions, decimals, percentages practice)

English: (5th class English grammar skills) (David Walliams is doing a reading from his story collection at 11a.m. each day)




Here is a list of websites which may be of assistance too:

Maths (5th class Maths skills) (tables/ mental Maths practice) (time practice) (measures practice) (fractions, decimals, percentages practice)

English (5th class English Grammar Skills)

Vooks is a great resource to use in the home with your children.  Vooks is a streaming library of ad-free, kid-safe animated read-aloud storybooks, trusted by teachers and enjoyed by millions of children around the world every week.  It is an entire library of storybooks, brought to life, to help encourage the love of reading.  You can sign up for Vooks and use the take-home resources to help keep your children reading 20 minutes a day during these extraordinary times.
Sign Up Link:
Take-Home Lesson Plans
Week 1
Week 2