Class Resources – 5th Class

30th March – 3rd April

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s),

Thank you very much to the girls who have been emailing us their work, please continue to do so! Please find below a list of work/activities/websites for the coming week. We would like the girls to keep a daily record in their Homework Journal of the work they are completing. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you or your daughter needs any help or guidance. We hope you are all keeping safe and doing well.

Best regards,
The Fifth Class Team

School Closure Work 5th Class

  1. Read at Home – one page per day
  2. Mental Maths – one day per day/ one section per week
  3. Spelling Workbook – next 3 spellings every day and one question a day. Continue until back to school.
  4. Maths – Chapter 30, Averages.
    *Can you remember how we find an average? Add all the numbers you have together and then divide by the amount of numbers. *
    Please find pictures of Chapter 30 from Cracking Maths and other resources on the website. Encourage your child to create their own questions to find averages at home!
  5. Mathletics – sign in at home.
  6. Gaeilge – Comprehension: Biachlár (Menu).
    The girls also have a set of Irish verbs in their Homework Folders (there’s 11 in total). Please continue to learn these.  (We have added a similar version to the website for those that cannot find theirs). We have also added a link to help the girls write the verbs. Please choose one verb a week to learn and complete the corresponding worksheet.
  7. English – Inferring Comprehension and documents on how to write letters (Formal and Informal) We would like the girls to write informal letters to a friend/family member. For the formal letter we would like them to write a letter to a local newspaper highlighting an issue in their area or something they would like for their area.
    We would still like to receive entries for our 5th Class Write a Poem competition!  
  8. Project – The Normans (if not already completed)
  9. S.E.S.E. – History: The Great Irish Famine. Please find comprehensions, activities and websites to help you learn about this topic below.
    Geography/Science: We have complied some activities/simple experiments to help the girls learn about weather, they can also link them to learning about averages in maths!
  10. Free writing – write about a topic from list or of your choice. is an excellent resource for writing.
  11. Read your library book.
  12. Religion- Grow in Love: We have added the login details for the Grow in Love website below. Theme 7: Holy Week and Easter.

Worksheets/ Documents

Maths: (5th class Maths skills) (tables/ mental Maths practice) (time practice) (measures practice) (fractions, decimals, percentages practice)

English: (5th class English grammar skills) (David Walliams is doing a reading from his story collection at 11a.m. each day)




16th – 27th March
Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s), 

Here is a pack of work for your child to complete over the coming weeks.  The children should be able to complete this work independently.

  1. Read at Home – one page per day
  2. Mental Maths – one day per day/ one section per week
  3. Spelling Workbook – next 3 spellings every day and one question a day. Continue until back to school.
  4. Maths – two chapters photocopied on Directed Numbers and Rules and properties. 1 chapter per week/ week and a half. Additional resources on school website. 
  5. Mathletics – sign in at home.
  6. Gaeilge – worksheets on Spórt/ Éadaí and 2 comprehensions (Ag Siopadóireacht agus Éadaí).
  7. English – 2 worksheets on commas and two comprehensions. 
    Write a poem of any type/topic for a 5th class poetry competition.  
  8. Project – The Normans (see outline for clear instructions)
  9. Free writing – write about a topic from list or of your choice.
  10. Read your library book

Here is a list of websites which may be of assistance too:

Maths (5th class Maths skills) (tables/ mental Maths practice) (time practice) (measures practice) (fractions, decimals, percentages practice) (Temperature rise and fall) (adding negatives) (subtracting negatives)

English (5th class English Grammar Skills)

Vooks is a great resource to use in the home with your children.  Vooks is a streaming library of ad-free, kid-safe animated read-aloud storybooks, trusted by teachers and enjoyed by millions of children around the world every week.  It is an entire library of storybooks, brought to life, to help encourage the love of reading.  You can sign up for Vooks and use the take-home resources to help keep your children reading 20 minutes a day during these extraordinary times.
Sign Up Link:
Take-Home Lesson Plans
Week 1
Week 2


The Normans Project

  • Research and prepare a project on The Normans. 
    • Must be complete on an A2 poster
    • Clear title and subheadings
    • Printed images or hand drawn pictures accepted
    • Name, class and teacher to be visible on the bottom right-hand corner of the poster
  • Topics to include:
    • Who were The Normans?
    • When they came to Ireland
    • Norman castles
    • The Battle of Hastings
    • The Bayeux Tapestry 
    •  A day in the life in a Norman Castle 
    • Strongbow and Aoife 
  • Feel free to include a non-written piece in your project.
  • Draw inspiration from your trip to Dalkey Castle.

Useful websites:
BBC: The Normans

The Normans in Britain

The Normans For Kids

The Normans: Facts and Information for Kids