Class Resources – 1st Class

15th – 26th June 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we are heading into our last weeks of the school year. It’s safe to say the past few weeks have been a roller coaster for all of us. We have all experienced A Series of Unfortunate Events but Somewhere Over the Rainbow Skies are Blue. Teachers have had to try to teach with no pupils and your little darlings have turned into your students. Once again, we salute you for all the enthusiasm and fun you’ve managed to inject into the girl’s work. Their expectations will be high when they return to school.

The classes would be looking forward to lots of happy events in school during these weeks. Our Sports Day would usually take place during this week. Everyone loves the excitement of the day spent outdoors, preferably in the sun with the girls in their team colours. You will notice that there are lots of sports and other outdoor activities included in our Padlet this week. We also have St.Patrick’s Virtual Sports Day challenges which you can try at home. If you would like to send us your scores or pictures of your efforts, we would be delighted to receive them. Send your photos (no videos please) by Monday 22nd June. They will certainly add some colour and cheer to our 1st class Padlet.

Another highlight of these last weeks is our Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Maybe the girls could have a picnic with their favourite teddies and don’t forget the treats! Please send us a photo of this picnic too. We would love to have a summer picture of each of the girls to finish their school year. If you could send the picnic photo by Wednesday 24th June, we will put those on the Padlet too.

Hopefully the weather will be fine for these next few weeks so you can be outdoors as much as possible. It’s great seeing all our girls on our Zoom calls each week. You will find the updated work on this week’s Padlet which includes some ideas for end of year reflections. Please keep up the great work as we approach the final hurdle.

Take care and best wishes,

Mrs McCormack, Mrs Cunnane, Ms Travers, Ms Doran, Ms D Ryan

Some online resources to keep you busy! 
1st Class Suggested Websites


Variety of Spelling, Reading and Grammar Activities

IXL Learning: Wide variety of 1st Class English Topics & Activities

Phonics:  Words and Pictures Plus Videos

Grammar Games

Online Readers: Oxford Reading Tree

Starfall Interactive Readers

Reading Comprehensions Tasks

Spelling Bee

Turtle Dash Spelling Game

Jolly Grammar: Story Writing Sheets

Jolly Grammar: Reading Comprehension


Gaeilge: Fun Interactive Themed Games

Cula 4: Educational section of TG4 with cartoons, games and animations.


Maths: Numbertime
BBC Episodes with titles: Money, Shape, Addition and Subtraction, Time, Up to 100

Maths: Wide variety of 1st Class Maths Topics & Activities

Number: Place Value Basketball

Number: Ordering Number Coconuts

Counting: 10 Frame



Counting Games

Symmetry Sorting Shapes


Wide variety of weblinks, games, videos for the Irish Curriculum (search 1st & 2nd Class Resources)

Wide variety of topics on all subjects for 1st Class (Key Stage 1)
Very good resources for Geography/ Science as well as English and Maths.

Lego Activity Ideas: 30 Day Lego Challenge