Class Resources – 2nd Class

30th March – 3rd April

Work for Second Class


Continue reading 1 page per day of either A Surprise for Feena or Read at Home.

Continue with Spellings – the last of the lists you have. Look, say, cover, write and check and one written activity per day.

Continue to read for pleasure. If you have run out of actual books please make use of Oxford Owl.


Continue using Mental Maths – one day and problem solving each day Monday to Friday – write answers in hardback notebook.

Tables -12 this week

Time: Starfall website


GoNoodle – free website with lots of workouts (dance, cardio, yoga etc).

Skipping, running, playing ball against wall, bike riding etc should all be encouraged where possible- obviously where safe to do so while social distancing.


Paint, draw, sketch items you have found/ your pets/ your family.

Work for Second Class 16th – 27th March

– Continue reading: 1 or 2 pages of Read at Home or A Surprise for Feena per day. 
– Continue reading library books. 
– Keep a diary in your writing journal. 
– Revise tables done to date – +1 to +10 and -1 to -10 
– Mental Maths: continue one day maths and problem solving every day. Complete Friday review if possible. 
– Spelling – look, say, cover write, check and one activity of your choice in hardback notebook daily.

Websites for Second Class : the daily 10 – choose from addition, subtraction, doubles and halves – lots of different interactive activities. – class login given earlier