Summer Reading Lists

Dear Parents,

Summer is the perfect time for some reading for all the family. Ten minutes reading a day improves children’s imagination, their language, and engages their curiosity. It can also promote emotional well- being. To pass on the reading for pleasure habit to a child is a life-time gift and one that can sustain them through the good and bad times.

If you can, turn off the TV, the radio and the computer. It is easier to enjoy a book without distractions. Allow the child to choose her/his own book. This is where the summer reading list might prove helpful. Listening to extracts read aloud might help your child choose a book from the list. Try this website  and listen to a sample extracts read aloud. Visit the library over the summer. The local library often have special summer reading events and they are all free.

As a child gets older there are lots of other activities for them to enjoy so they need lots of encouragement to make time for reading. Just because they are older it does not mean that you stop reading with them. Continue to talk about books, to ask questions and to clarify issues for them.  Encourage them to get into the habit of carrying a book at all times and to keep a list of the books they read for recording in their reading log on their return to school in September.

I hope the list below might prove to be a gateway to a world of fun and adventure, of creative deeds and fantastic storytelling for summer 2020.

Happy reading,

B. Dunleavy