Summer Reading Lists

Dear Parents,

Summertime is an ideal time for children to do some reading. Please find attached a list of book recommendations for the different age groups.

Encouraging a reading habit in the early years is a life-long gift.  Fostering this habit is one of the most effective ways for parents to support their child’s academic progress.

Books can be a comfort during difficult times and this year I have included one/two books for each age group that I think might be helpful for an adult supporting a child with worries, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, or any number of feelings you may want to explore with them. These books are marked with ‘for the young reader and the enabling adult’.

The books are not a quick fix to these problems, but they may provide some relief to the child to see their issues reflected in the pages of a book.

Happy reading and enjoy the summer.


Breda Dunleavy

Literacy co-ordinator