Class Resources – 6th Class

30th March – 3rd April

Hello ladies! We are delighted so many of you have sent us your completed work to have a look at. Please continue to send images/scans of your work to your teacher as you finish it.

Here is the next set of work to be completed for the 3rd April.


– Continue with next Unit of MSW activities 1-5 (Unit 14)
– Put 5 words from this unit into sentences (remember to extend your sentences to make them more interesting).

– Continue reading a book of your choice daily.
– For those interested in audiobooks, please visit for a wide selection of books for primary school children and teenagers.

Reading/Writing/Oral Language:
– To access the following book, please visit
Username: primaryedcobooks
Password: edco2020

  • Let’s Talk Literacy: Unit 3 (p.10-13). Reading and word work. Please answer all questions and use a dictionary if needed.
  • Compile a list of any new words along with their definition and keep it at the back of your copy/refill pad for future reference/use.
  • Visit . Select one image that stands out to you and complete a selection of the oral language and written activities based on that image.

– Continue with Mental Maths daily
– Tables: All multiplication, division and square numbers
– Mathletics

To access Cracking Maths ebook & resources online: (Cracking Maths 6th class- ebook, animation videos and enrichment book available here)

Number Theory 2: Chapter 14

Remember:  = 2×2 (2 times itself),   = 2x2x2=8,   = 2x2x2x2=16

  • Additional Activities: Create a set of flashcards with the numbers 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144. Now create a set of flashcards with the numbers 22, 32 , 42 , 52 , 62 (etc.). You can play a memory game/ matching game/ snap with these sets of flashcards. Flashcard games can also be made with square roots and their answers.

Averages: Chapter 23

Remember: To get an average, add the numbers together and divide by the amount of numbers there are (animation video chapter 23-Cracking maths online resources).

  • Exercises: Cracking Maths Online: Page 169 (Q 1-5) page 170 (all questions) page 171 Q 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Additional Activities:
  • Find out the average age of your family members.
  • Figure out the average temperature for the next 7 days in your area using the Met Eireann website
  • Go to “Monthly Data” on the Met Eireann Website. Figure out the average rainfall in Bray for the months Jan, Feb, March, April, May in 2019.
  • Attached as separate document- instructions are in this document.


  • A sense of place: Compare and contrast County Wicklow with one other county in Ireland under the following headings: Population, Natural features, County Borders, Life and Culture.


  • Visit and follow steps above for English.
  •  By the North Star: Reading Comprehension. Unit 41 ‘The Chernobyl Disaster’ (p.186/187). Answer all questions on p.188/189.


Nuclear Energy – Research Piece: A Nuclear Disaster

  • Complete a research piece about a nuclear disaster (example: Chernobyl/ Sellafield/ Nagasaki/ Hiroshima) under the following headings:
  • Explain what nuclear energy is
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of nuclear energy?
  • What caused the disaster?
  • What were the effects of the disaster on the people/wildlife/area?
  • Are the effects still felt today?
Art Competition
  • Create a piece of art inspired by the 1916 Rising. It could be a 3D piece, a painting/drawing/ anything you can take a picture of!
  • Email a picture of your entry to your teacher if you want to be in with a chance of winning.
  • We will be picking a winner in each class.
  • Joe Wicks is doing a live PE session for children every morning. Here is a link to it: YouTube
Well Being
  • There is a document attached with activities to help you relax and look after your mental health.
  • We are also suggesting you do some baking with ingredients you already have in your house. We would love to see pictures of any baked goods (nearly as good as getting to taste them!).
  • Here is a recipe for scones you might like to use:

Websites to visit for extra activities: – Daily 10 (multiplication and division tables) Sixth class activities – Sixth class activities

Nrichmaths– word problems – Primary School activities ages 5-11 – Synonyms & Antonyms

16th – 27th March
You will need: 

My Spelling Workbook 

Mental Maths 

Spare copy or A4 refill pad for ALL work 


My Spelling Workbook- Unit 12 & 13 activities only 

Write 5 spellings into sentences for each unit 


· Finding Information & Identifying the main idea 

· Women of the Rising comprehension 

· What if they didn’t rebel? Writing piece 

· The Mother- questions 

· Synonyms/antonyms sheet 

· Read a book & write book review (1 A4 page) 


· Fractions, decimals, percentages- questions & problem-solving sheets 

· Mental Maths- continue each day 

· Tables- All tables multiplied by, divided by and square numbers (22, 32) 


· Put each word into a sentence (thuas staighre, thíos staighre, seomra codlata, sa chathair, faoin tuath, teach scoite) 

· Comprehension- read and answer the questions 

· Déan chur síos ar do theach: Write about your house (half A4 page) 

· Label the rooms in the house- worksheet 


· Piece of research: Women of the Rising ( for information) 

· Write a paragraph and draw a picture of three women involved in the Rising. 

· What was Elizabeth O’ Farrell’s role in the Rising? 


· Piece of research: Electrical Circuits 

· What is electrical energy? 

· Draw a simple circuit 

· Write about 5 dangers of electrical energy 

· Name 3 renewable energy sources 

· List 3 Irish electricity providers 

· Every day: 5-minute move kids workout- Joe Wicks (Youtube) 

Websites to visit for extra activities: – Daily 10 (multiplication and division tables)– Sixth class activities – Sixth class activities  
Nrichmaths- word problems – Primary School activities ages 5-11 – An Post GPO quiz sheet – Synonyms & Antonyms