Class Resources – 6th Class

15th – 26th June 2020

Hi girls!

As we head into the final fortnight, we just wanted to tell you how proud we are of you all for your hard work over the past few months. This past fortnight we celebrated our Virtual Sports Day with you all! We thought it was great fun and a huge well done to everyone who got involved. We hope you engage with this fortnight’s work and give everything a good go!

Ms. Billington, Ms. Davenport and Ms. Reddin 😀

*Please click on the following link to access the Sixth Class Padlet:

Virtual School Tour

Click the following link to go on our virtual tour :

Farewell Message

The teachers in St. Patrick’s couldn’t let you all finish up without saying goodbye! Please take the time to take a look at the video (links below) to hear some lovely farewells from the staff in our school! 

Part 1

Part 2:

Online Yearbook

Ms Condren & Ms Davenport’s Class
Ms McCann & Ms Reddin’s Class
Ms Billington & Ms Davenport’s Class

Each class is putting together an online yearbook (using the website) to have as a memory of your time in sixth class.

Each girl will receive a link (by email) to their own personal page of the yearbook. You can add photos and text to share your favourite memory of sixth class. You can decorate the page using the features on Book Creator.

Watch this video explaining how to use the Book Creator website.

Kahoot Quiz

Sixth Class Pop Quiz!!

How well do you remember the topics we learned about throughout the year?
Prizes will be sent to the top 3 scores.

Pin: 08513164

Bake Off Winners!!!

Click the link above to access the class Padlet to see the winners of this years Bake Off competition. Winners will be announced on Monday, 15th June!


-We have uploaded the final chapters from your class novel ‘Chalkline’. These chapters are displayed using PowerPoint Presentation for you to read. If you would like to listen to your teachers reading the chapter, click on the link and it will bring you to our YouTube channel where you can either read along or listen to your teachers reading each chapter.

-We have uploaded chapters 21-26 for you to read over the two week period. This means you should be aiming to read a chapter every two days.

Chapter Twenty-One (part 1):

Chapter Twenty-One (part 2):

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Chapter Twenty-Three:

Chapter Twenty-Four:

 Chapter Twenty-Five:

Chapter Twenty-Six:

-There are questions to complete after each chapter. These questions are on the attached document labelled ‘Chalkline Questions’.


Activity: Maths Escape Room

Find the answer to each clue to find the code you need to escape. A prize will be posted to any girl who gets the correct answer. Please show your workings on the page for each clue.

What is better value?

Watch this video to revise how to find out what is better value for money. Remember: Price divided by quantity = the cost of 1 unit.


Worksheet: Value for Money

Additional/ supplementary work:

Worksheet- Money word problems


Here are some fun Gaeilge activities to complete over the fortnight- Tá súil again go bhain sibh taitneamh as!!

  • End of year wordsearch as Gaeilge (attached as a PDF)
  • Aimsigh na Difríochtaí (spot the difference)                                              
    Féach ar an dha phictiúr seo a leanas. Cad iad na difríochtaí ? (6 rud) 
    Can you spot the six differences in the picture below- try and write them as Gaeilge!!! (attached as a PDF)
  • Stad an Bus (stop the bus as Gaeilge)

Firstly, pick at random, a letter of the alphabet. Next, you simply have to think one word to go in each category beginning with this letter

Finally, Set a timer for 60 seconds- how many categories can you fill in?

*If playing against someone else: The first person to fill in each of the categories using the chosen letter must shout ”stop the bus” and they win the round!!


All About Australia

  • Look at this PowerPoint about Australia first
  • Fill in this fact file sheet about Australia
  • Write a piece about an animal that is native to Australia. This power point will give you an idea about which on you would like to choose.

To include:

  • Draw a picture of the animal
  • Where does it live?
  • What does it eat?
  • Tell us about their young (how long they stay with the parents, when do they become independent etc.)
  • Does it have any features that help it to survive the heat?
  • Any other interesting facts about the animal

Wild Flowers 🌼🌻🌸💐🌹

This fortnight, we will be learning about wild flowers. We want you to see if you can spot any of these common wild flowers when you are out on a walk.  These flowers are all around us- get outside, explore and discover

Your Challenge….

1. Look at the PowerPoint (attached as a PDF) – can you 
find out the names of all these common wild flowers.

2. When you are out for your walks, look out for these flowers.

3. If you can, take/draw a picture of  the wild flowers that you see and make a note of the date and where you found it- woodland, hedgerow, side of road etc.


Martin Luther King

  • Look at the Powerpoint on Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Fill in the attached document ‘My Dreams for the Future’.
  • Speak to your parents about the current protests happening around the world.

Climate Justice

Watch this video and answer these questions:

  1. Name 3 ways climate change has affected people around the world
  2. What do you think ‘climate justice’ means?

“If God loved all the people in the world, he wouldn’t allow climate change to happen”

  1. Watch this video:
  2. What do you think? Write a few sentences about your opinion on this statement.
Recipe of the Fortnight

See attached recipe for flapjacks:


There are so many things to be grateful for everyday- as you will find out from this really enjoyable gratitude hunt (attached as a PDF)

Transitioning to Secondary School

Take a look at the following documents in preparation for transitioning in to secondary school.

  1. Homework Plan
  2. Homework Checklist
  3. Questionnaire – What Kind of Learner Are You?
  4. Follow on – What Kind of Learner Are You?
  5. Note Taking Styles
  6. Bullies and Bullying
  7. Ways to Manage Stress
HPS Thank You Project

Take some time to think about the people who went out to work to help us during this time.

Here are some ideas:

People who work in hospitals, supermarkets, chemists, delivery people, refuse collectors…Can you think of anyone else?

Create a picture/banner to say thank you. Feel free to include their names.

Send your creations to by Friday the 19th June.

They will be included in a montage which will be on our school website.

We can’t wait to see them! 😀

HPS Team  

2nd – 12th June 2020

*Please click on the following link to access the Sixth Class Padlet:

Hi girls!

Can you believe it’s June already? The past year has gone so fast. We hope you have been enjoying the wonderful weather over the past two weeks. As we are coming into the final month of school, we have tried to reduce your workload (a little!) and include some more interactive and fun activities for you to get involved with! The most important event this fortnight will be our Sixth Class Virtual Sports Day! Part of it will be completed by you at home and the other part, virtually! We are so excited and want you all to get involved!

As always, we are so proud of you all for your commitment and dedication to your schoolwork over the past few months. Keep up the great work for the next few weeks, we’re nearly there!!

Ms. Billington, Ms. Davenport and Ms. Reddin J

Daily Timetable

Make sure to check out the ‘Suggested Daily Timetable’ to help organise your work for each day.


– Begin Unit 16 of MSW and complete questions 1-5.
– Put 5 words from this unit into sentences (remember to extend your sentences to make them more interesting).

-We have uploaded the next chapters from your class novel ‘Chalkline’. These chapters are displayed using Powerpoint Presentation for you to read. If you would like to listen to your teachers reading the chapter, click on the link and it will bring you to our Youtube channel where you can either read along or listen to your teachers reading each chapter.

-We have uploaded chapters 11-15 for you to read over the two week period. This means you should be aiming to read a chapter every two days.

Chapter Sixteen (part 1)

Chapter Sixteen (part 2)

Chapter Seventeen:

Chapter Eighteen:

Chapter Nineteen (part 1)

Chapter Nineteen (part 2)

 Chapter Twenty:

-There are questions to complete after each chapter. These questions are on the attached document labelled ‘Chalkline Questions’.


Léitheoireacht (Reading)

An Clár is FearrLeigh an scéal agus freagair na ceisteanna (Read the story ‘an clár is fearr’ and answer the questions) Attached as PDF

Videos to help you with the reading comprehension-

Follow this link to listen to the story and what it’s about:

Follow this link to hear what the questions mean:

Scríobhneoireacht (Writing)

Scríobh faoin scannáin is fearr leasta (write about your favourite movie)

Before you being this writing exercise (worksheet attached as PDF), please watch this video where Ms. Reddin explains what to do!

Cúpla smaointe chun an ghaeilge a cur chun cinn sa bhaile (A few ideas to get the children listening to Gaeilge at home)

Ióga as Gaeilge (Yoga as Gaeilge)
Follow this link to do some yoga as Gaeilge!!
Amhráin na Gaeilge 
Follow this link to listen to a variety of songs as Gaeilge- guitar chords are provided where possible so why not play along on a piano/key-board/guitar
Follow this link to watch music videos from ‘Colaiste Lurgan’

 Lá Le Mamó nó Daideo:
Series in which children between 5 and 8 spend a day with one of their grandparents learning a new skill or taking in part in a hobby they both enjoy. TG4


Capacity (revision chapter)

  • Watch these videos first: (converting ml to l) (converting l to ml) (converting ml to l + ml) (reading a scale)

  • Worksheet: Converting between litres and millilitres

Ms Davenport explains how to add, subtract, multiply and divide capacities in this video:

  • Activities: Capacity challenge cards

Area (remember: area = length x width)

  • PowerPoint: Calculating Area
  • PowerPoint: Calculating area of irregular shapes

Video: Ms Davenport explains how to find the area of a compound shape:

  • Worksheet: Calculating the area of a compound shape
  • Activities: Area challenge cards

How Glendalough was formed in the Ice Age

Watch this video about how glaciers shape the landscape:

  • Explain these 3 words: glacier, erosion, deposition

Watch this video of Glendalough’s lakes and ‘U-shaped’ valleys created by glaciers in the last ice age.

Read the information about glaciers in Wicklow:

  • Write a short paragraph to explain how glaciers formed landscapes like Glendalough during the Ice Age. Include the following words: snow, glacier, erosion, abrasion

Additional/supplementary work

Experiment: Make your own mini glacier and watch erosion and abrasion happening

Worksheet: Glaciers- Fill in the blanks


Theme: Science and the Environment

Task 1:   Thinking about science and technology in familiar contexts

List five things you did this morning after you woke up. Put a check mark next to any of these things that were made possible by the work of scientists

Task 2:  Examining ways that science and technology have contributed to the use of the Earth’s resources

Read the sheet ‘Science and the Environment’ (attached as PDF) and then make a mind-map of the ways in which science and technology have contributed positively to the use of the earth’s resources

Task 3: Experiment- How do Science and Technology contribute to a clean water supply?

Watch this experiment on ‘turning dirty water into clean water’ (You can carry out the experiment if you want to but watching the video will suffice)

Task 4: Applying what we have learnt

From watching the video, can you answer these questions:
1) What sort of things made the water dirty? 
2) What did the water filter do to the dirty water?
3) Why is the invention of water filters so important?
4) Can you think of any other science inventions linked to clean water ?


My Locality

  • Explore the photographs in the attached document of Bray and see how it has changed over the past one hundred years. Answer the questions if you can!

Theme 9:  Morality

Look at the following video which tells the Parable of ‘The Prodigal Son’.

Read the pages from Grow in Love and then answer the following questions:

  1. How do you think the Prodigal Son felt when he returned home?
  2. How do you think the brother felt when the Prodigal Son returned home?
  3. Why do you think the Father in the Parable welcomed the Prodigal Son home with open arms?
  4. What message do you think Jesus was trying to explain through this Parable?
  5. Who are the ‘real stars’ in your life?
Sports Day

You have been split into teams for Virtual Sports Day! Please view this document see what team you are on:

Some of the events will be completed in your own time at home and some will be completed live on Zoom in your classes.

The members who took part on the winning team will each receive a prize in the post!

Listed below are the events that are to be completed in your own time.

Please use this template (or draw your own) to record your scores. Send a picture to your teacher of your score sheet.

Long Jump

  • Watch the video of Ms attempt the long jump:
  • Place an object on the ground showing you the point you will jump from.
  • Take several steps back and run on approach to the point you will jump from.
  • Jump as far as you can and use a measuring tape to measure the distance of the jump.
  • Record your result for your team.

High Jump

  • Watch the video of Ms attempt the high jump:
  • Stand beside a wall with chalk in your hand.
  • Bend and jump as high as you can, marking the wall with the chalk in your out-stretched hand.
  • Use a measuring tape to measure the distance of the jump.
  • Record your result for your team.

Wellie Throw

  • Watch the video of Ms attempt the Wellie Throw:
  • Mark your starting point with an object.
  • Take a few steps back, run toward the starting point, plant your foot and throw a wellie (or any shoe) as far as you can.
  • Use a measuring tape to measure the distance you threw the wellie (or any shoe).
  • Record your result for your team.

Egg & Spoon

  • Watch the video of Ms attempt the Egg & Spoon Race.
  • Mark out a start and end point using two objects (they should be 10 metres apart).
  • Carrying an egg (hard boiled to avoid a mess!!) and a spoon, walk/run to and around the finish line and back to the start.
  • Use a stopwatch to record your time.
  • Record your result for your team.

Obstacle Course

  • Watch the video of Ms attempt the Obstacle Course
  • Start – Balance — Bottle Flip — Crawl under blanket — Jumper — Run back to start

Step 1: Balance: Balance a plastic cup on your head
Step 2: Bottle Flip: Bottle flip a 1/4 full plastic bottle of water before you can move on
Step 3: Crawl under a big blanket
Step 4: Put on a jumper
Step 5: Run back to the start


Following on from our questionnaire and activity sheet last week about transitioning to secondary school, we have decided to include some additional activities for the girls to engage with over the coming fortnight.

  1. In secondary school, you will be given a timetable of your daily schedule. Explore the attached sample timetable as well as the colour coded timetable to help you get organised for the day ahead.
  2. Make sure to check out the attached document ‘What does it stand for?’ to discover abbreviations used for each of the curricular subjects.
  3. In secondary school you will need different workbooks and equipment for each class. Stick this sheet into your journal to help you remember what you need.
  4. Our ‘Times to Remember ‘ sheet will help you to prepare for moving into secondary school and help you to be as prepared as you can be.
Recipe of the Fortnight

If you’re not too sick of baking after last fortnight, be sure to give this fun recipe a go!!! It will help you to cool down in this hot weather!

Additional Activities

Please do not feel under any pressure to complete the work in this section. You should  complete it only if you want to.

Additional Reading/Writing/Oral Language:
– To access the following book, please visit
Username: primaryedcobooks
Password: edco2020

  • Let’s Talk Literacy:.  Unit 12 p. 50/ 51 and 53: Poetry.
  • By the North Star: Unit 26 p. 120/121 My Dog Has Got No Manners
  • Compile a list of any new words along with their definition and keep it at the back of your copy/refill pad for future reference/use.

Visit . Select one image that stands out to you and complete a selection of the oral language and written activities based on that image

  • Maths: Reading Scales activity

Websites to visit for extra activities: – Daily 10 (multiplication and division tables)– Sixth class activities – Sixth class activities  
Nrichmaths- word problems – Primary School activities ages 5-11 – An Post GPO quiz sheet – Synonyms & Antonyms