Class Resources – 3rd Class

30th March – 3rd April

  • Mental Maths Workbook  pages 101 – 103; weeks 34.
  • Go With the Flow  pages 56-57
  • Reading: read library book each night.
  • Sound Audit for Home: Document attached
  • Informal Letter Writing: Document Attached  
  • Gaeilge: Document attached
  • Poems for School Newsletter: The poems written by the children last week can be sent to if you would like them to feature in the school newsletter.
  • Mathletics: Please continue to work on units on Time and Money2D Shapes3D Shapes. If you are having any difficulty logging in please let your teacher know.

  • Challenge yourself with solving a problem a day

    Monday: 44 children wear Easter bonnets to school. ¼ of them have yellow chicks on them. How many do not have yellow chicks on their bonnets?

    Tuesday: In the school egg decorating competition, 400 have been painted. of them get damaged and thrown away. How many eggs are left?

    Wednesday: Mint Easter eggs are on offer; 3 for €5.50. How much would 6 mint eggs cost?

    Thursday: Sam is making Easter nest cakes. They need to set in the fridge for 1 hour 40 minutes. He puts them in the fridge at 2 p.m. At what time should he take them out of the fridge?

    Friday: A shop sells 250 Easter eggs one week. The following week, it sells 310. How many have they sold altogether?

16th – 27th March

  • Worksheets to be completed. (These are in the girls’ schoolbags)
  • Jolly Phonics Workbook  pages 54, 55, 70 & 71.
  • Mental Maths Workbook  pages 104 – 109; weeks 35 &46..
  • Go With the Flow pages 50 – 55.
  • Reading: read library book each night.
  • Poetry: choose one of the following topics to write a poem about or come up with your own title; The Day the Teacher was SickMy Pet DragonA Spring Adventure, or own topic. Brainstorm for ideas. Write a first draft. Return the next day, re-read and write a final draft using cursive script. Decorate the poem and bring the final draft back to school for display. There might even be a prize! 
  • Write a project on an animal of your choice from Dublin Zoo. Include information of some of the following; Appearance, habitat, diet, breeding and their young, conservation, interesting facts, glossary.
  • Mathletics: complete units on Time and Money2D Shapes3D Shapes. Also try out the tables games.