Rain Falling Up

Rain Falling Up

Our three Fourth Classes are currently rehearsing for the upcoming performance of the oratorio Rain Falling Up. We are being trained by our class teachers: Ms. Catterson, Ms. Finlay & Mrs. Martin. It’s a story about a little boy called Jake who tries to defy the laws of gravity.


Both the conductor Fergus Sheil & the composer Brian Irvine have held very successful workshops with the girls. We look forward to Fergus’ final visit just a few days before our DEBUT!


Brian the composer teaches us how to eat a football! (It’s a breath work technique!!!!!!)

We will perform his Oratorio Rain Falling Up in the National Convention Centre on 10/11/12.


rainfallingup3         rainfallingup4


We had a question and answer session with Brian the composer.

”Yes, I began composing music when I was your age. You can be a composer too. Everyone should write music. it’s easy!”