Organisational Details


General Information
In St. Patrick’s we have approximately 800 pupils. Our Junior and Senior Infant classes have both girls and boys. The boys leave after Senior Infants and generally transfer to our neighbouring boys’ school, St. Cronan’s.

For 2014/15 we will have 36 members of the teaching staff – 29 mainstream class teachers, 7 Special Educational Needs teachers, the Deputy Principal and the Principal.

Currently we have 5 Special Needs Assistants and our ancillary staff is made up of our School Secretary and our Caretaker.


School Hours


School starts

School ends




Junior – Senior infants



First – Sixth class

Boys: Junior and Senior Infants
Wine v-neck jumper, grey shirt, wine tie, grey trousers, grey socks and black shoes

Girls: Junior Infants – Fourth Class
Wine cardigan, wine pinafore, cream blouse, wine tie, wine or white socks or tights, black or navy shoes.

Girls: Fifth & Sixth Class
Navy v-neck jumper, white shirt, navy tie, Lindsay kilt (dark), navy socks or tights, black or navy shoes.

School tracksuit
Navy tracksuit top with crest, navy tracksuit bottoms (parallel leg), white aertex t-shirt, navy shorts, white socks and runners.
Jewellery of any description must not be worn at P.E.

If a child is absent from school , a note of explanation should be given to the class teacher on the child’s return. It is not necessary to telephone the school in advance. If a child is absent for a total of 20 days or more during the school year, the school is obliged to notify the National Education Welfare Board.

A note is also required when a child has to leave school during school hours. On such occasions, children must be collected from the classroom. The parent/guardian collecting the child must first report to the secretary’s office.